About Us

About Murphy Business Sales – Irvine

Murphy Business Sales is one of the largest and most successful business brokerage firms in North America with offices conveniently located throughout the United States and Canada, offering brokerage services to owners of closely held companies in need of confidential, experienced professional services.

The brokers at our Irvine office have been successful business owners and managers for many years prior to joining the Murphy team. As seasoned, experienced professionals, we can answer all of your questions on how to sell your business to help you establish confidence that when we take your business to market, we will treat the sale of your business as if it were one of our own. And, once we go to market, Murphy’s selling practices will provide the maximum exposure that’s needed locally, nationally and internationally to sell your business.

Our Irvine office covers the cities of Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Orange, Garden Grove, Yorba Linda, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Villa Park, Los Alamitos, Buena Park, Brea, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Placentia, Tustin, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Dana Point, as well as all other areas in Southern California.

Our Pledge

Our 10-point pledge to you at Murphy Business Sales-Irvine:

  1. Provide honest and transparent communication with our clients at all times.
  2. Respect our clients’ confidentiality by handling all sensitive information with discretion.
  3. Work diligently to find the best possible outcome for our clients to achieve their goals.
  4. Dedicate ourselves to achieving the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency in all business transactions.
  5. Always act in clients’ best interests first, while maintaining the highest levels of ethical standards and professional conduct.
  6. Continuously learn and adapt to new challenges to ensure that we are always providing the best possible service to our clients.
  7. Be a trustworthy advisor and partner to our clients, providing expert guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process.
  8. Keep up to date with industry trends and market changes to provide the most relevant and reliable information.
  9. Build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, mutual respect, and integrity.
  10. Strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, including professionalism, ethics, and customer service.

With the team at Murphy Business Sales-Irvine, you can be assured that you are represented by outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will implement sound financial, strategic and professional standards to help you achieve your goals.

Our Services

Sell a Business

Selling a business is a stressful, complicated process. Without expert assistance, many sellers struggle to not only sell their business, but succeed in getting fair market value when they do. Fortunately, our business brokerage services here in Southern California make valuing and selling your business much easier. With our business broker’s assistance, you’ll get an accurate sense of your company’s market value, often enabling the sale of your business more quickly and more easily , rather than if you go it alone.

As one of the largest and most successful business brokerage firms in North America, Murphy Business can help you capture full value when selling a business.

Our Business Brokerage

Murphy Business brokers use time-tested strategies and resources to help their clients capture full value when selling a business. Below is a brief, step-by-step overview of our business brokerage process:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement. We appreciate the sensitive nature of business sales and the data that is handled during the business brokerage process. Before we take any active steps to sell your business, we will commit to a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality throughout the transaction process.
  • Determine Market Value. More often than not, business owners will overvalue or undervalue their business without acquiring a valuation, which unfortunately  can turn a serious buyer away quickly.  Attaining a professional valuation is a crucial step in succeeding in the sales process.

To prepare your business for sale, we will perform Broker’s Opinion of Market Value, or recommend another type of valuations we offer, depending on need. A valuation specialist will collect historical and financial data about your business to calculate the fair market value of your business.

  • Sign Engagement Agreement. Once we’ve completed your valuation, you can choose whether or not to proceed with selling your business more confidently. If you choose to proceed, we will enter into an official engagement agreement for the sale of your business and will keep the status of your business confidential throughout the process until a sale is finalized.
  • Market & List Your Business. To attract qualified buyers and ensure fair market value, we will develop a customized marketing plan for your business. We will create a detailed informational package to showcase the value of your business, helping you stand out from other listings. After that, we will market your business via targeted campaigns and through national and/or global business brokerage networks, helping you reach the largest possible pool of potential buyers.
  • Qualify Buyers & Negotiate Offers. A successful business transfer depends on a qualified buyer. Our business brokerage experts will assess buyers based on their financial resources, their level of interest, and whether or not they will be able to succeed with your business after the transfer. Once we’ve identified one or more qualified buyers, we will help you evaluate different offers and negotiate with buyers, helping you find the best offer for your property.
  • Close the Transaction. After you’ve reached an agreement with a qualified buyer, Murphy Business will work with you throughout the sale process to close the transaction. We can also assist the business buyer to help them acquire financing, either through traditional financing or a small business loan. This ensures a smooth close to your transaction, minimizes the need for seller financing, and can help ensure the financial stability of your business post-sale.

With the team at Murphy Business Sales-Irvine, you can be assured that you are represented by outstanding, experienced and knowledgeable professionals who will implement sound financial, strategic and professional standards to help you achieve your goals.

Buy a Business

Buy a Business with Murphy Business Sales

If you’re looking to buy a business, Murphy Business Sales Irvine can help you find the perfect business for sale. With years of experience in business ownership, acquisitions, and mergers, we make it easy to find the right business for your budget, goals, and preferences.

Thanks to our affiliations with national and international business brokerage associations, we offer both local and global opportunities and have access to thousands of businesses for sale. This way, we can provide a far broader range of opportunities than your typical neighborhood real estate broker or local business sales firm.

Whether you’re looking for a business for sale in your local area or wish to buy a business on the national or international market, Murphy Business will give you access to the kinds of opportunities you’re seeking. We can help you identify, qualify, and valuate businesses for sale, acquire financing for your purchase, and negotiate the terms of sale. Most important of all, by partnering with Murphy Business, you’ll enjoy the confidence and peace of mind you deserve when buying a business.

Why Buy a Business with Brokerage Services from Murphy Business?

At Murphy Business, we know that buying a business is a major decision, and it’s our mission to ensure you make the most of your investment.

When you buy a business with our assistance, we will bring the same care to your purchase as if we were buying a business for ourselves. Every one of our business brokers has been a successful business owner and/or manager prior to joining Murphy Business. Thanks to our expertise and experience, you can buy a business with ease and peace of mind at every step of the process.

We also provide access to a wider range of opportunities. In addition to local businesses for sale, Murphy Business offers access to national and international markets. Each of our brokers has the experience, expertise, and connections that you need to find the right business for sale within your local market.

Additionally, we provide access to thousands of businesses for sale through our global network affiliations. This way, you’ll have access to the maximum number of qualified candidates for purchase within your targeted area.

Once you’ve identified a business for sale that meets your criteria, we will be there to assist you throughout the purchasing process. We have valuation experts who can help you determine the fair market value of a given corporation, ensuring you receive maximum value when buying a business. When necessary, we also assist buyers with financing arrangements. Our banking contacts can help you acquire traditional financing or apply for SBA small business loans.

When it comes time to close the deal, Murphy Business Sales-Irvine makes it easy to finalize your purchase. We assist with any necessary due diligence, and we’ll be there to make sure “all i’s are dotted, and all t’s are crossed”.  We have helped many purchasers buy a business, and we are happy to provide any necessary guidance or assistance as you negotiate and close your business purchase.

Value a Business

 What is a business valuation?

business valuation or appraisal is the independent and unbiased process of determining a supportable opinion of the value of a business, business ownership interest, security or intangible asset as of a specified date.

Select an experienced valuation firm

All Murphy Valuation Service valuations are performed by qualified, professional appraisers experienced in all aspects of business valuation and business transfers. Our valuations are performed in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice of the Appraisal Foundation (USPAP) as well as the Business Appraisal Standards of the Institute of Business Appraisers. Compliance with industry standards ensures that proven peer-reviewed valuation methods are used to develop defendable opinions of value. Through participation in teleconferences and annual valuation conferences, Murphy appraisers stay abreast of developing valuation issues and related court cases.

Understanding who will need a business valuation

A business valuation is an essential part of running a business and sooner or later every business owner will need an accurate and reliable valuation or an appraisal. Murphy Valuation Services will prepare an independent third-party report for a variety of circumstances:

  • The sale or acquisition of a business
  • An exit strategy
  • Liquidation
  • To obtain a loan or financing
  • Restructuring from “C-Corp” to “S-Corp”
  • Valuing intellectual property
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Retirement planning
  • Life insurance
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOPs)
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Litigation
  • Gift and estate taxes
  • Partnership agreement

 Valuation products available

  • Calculation of Value Report – A report that presents a calculated value and is compliant with the standards of the Institute of Business Appraisers (IBA) and National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).
  • Business Valuation Report – A formal summary report that is used primarily for non-litigation situations. This restricted-use abbreviated report is typically all that is needed for determining the selling price of a business or assisting in establishing a buy-sell agreement between partners/shareholders.
  • Business Appraisal Report – This formal comprehensive report is suitable for litigation support and review by third parties such as the IRS. The report explains in a step-by-step manner what was done and how the value was derived.

Consulting Services

Types of Business Consulting Services Provided

 Strategic Planning/Business Plan Development

As the old phrase goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter how you get there.” Every business should have a plan if it’s going to succeed. What’s more, many lenders require detailed business plans before they’ll approve a loan or a credit line. Our consultants can help you develop a strategic plan for your business, one focused on short-term development and long-term viability.

Prepare for Sale of the Business

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and now you want to sell it. But will you get a fair market value for your efforts?

Determining the value of a business is often the first step in the process of selling a business. But it shouldn’t stop there. As an example, if your business has multiple segments, do you understand how much profit is being contributed by each of these segments? If not, then you should because this is a very important element of the strategy of valuing and selling your business.

Our business consulting services can help you analyze your business to maximize its value. We can also identify sources of value and areas of your business that can be improved. For example, does the business have excess assets that can be sold before the sale of the business without impacting the value of the business?

Retirement/Exit Strategy Planning

Most business owners don’t plan ahead for the sale of their business. When they decide to sell, they may be surprised to know that their business may not be worth what they had hoped or expected. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your retirement or exit strategy, your succession planning should begin well in advance of your planned exit from the business and should actually begin on day one!

A formal plan for a transfer of ownership should be one of your top priorities. Don’t leave your spouse or heirs in the position of having to make the biggest business/financial decision of their lives without a comprehensive plan to consider.